This was supposed to be a gift, bahaha. Creepy pog anyone? damn.

I’m working with the same size & medium as the other spot Illustrations. About 3” all around.


Anatomy Slam

I’m a little luke warm on the “accuracy”… of these drawings but uhh… whatever POWDERED TOAST mMAAANn

Final Illustration Assignment!

These three spot Illustrations are made to Illustrate different “trouble children” for an article on how to control kids in a classroom.  They are all painted at 3×3” with Acrylic.

The “Short Fuse”
The “Dog Ate my Homework Kid”
The “Day Dreamer”

I have some Pent up Ren-Stimpy I need to get out

Website Icons


…and I’ll be drawing again soon

Chauncey *redux*

This is the water Colour version of Chauncey. I’m thinking I might explore other avenues (silk/acrylic) for an extended project though.