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This is all work done at Emily Carr in 2010. I’m hoping to be printing regularly by Summer 2011

About time

This is the Print version of the comic! Shown here is the “deluxe” edition with a colour cover. Ideally it’s counterpart the “colouring book (black and white obviously) edition” will see some interesting interpretations, maybe some crayon? 12 books total with one Artist’s Proof for me to scribble on…. Admittedly…. Not the greatest photo-doc, but hopefully it will just be a compelling reason to see the real thing! Otherwise I’d like to say that I’ll be continuing my brief hiatus from the “drawing of the day” while there are still people to see and things to gets sorted before my move back to Ontario at the end of this month. But I’ll still be posting artistic endeavors as they come in the next few weeks, Generally the plan for the summer along with a return to Drawing every day is to also be Painting! and maybe some digital stuff too, so hopefully I’ll get a chance to diversifying this blog a bit.


March 17th

this is a bit of the process for the comic I’m putting together as part of my final project for print & illustration.

March 15th *silkscreen*

x 24

March 7th

This is a print from one of the three editions i made today for a total of 20 prints & 4 APs. size is 9″ x 15″ on 100% cotton (I think)

March 1st

Potential Print in progress.

February 5th**

two editions of six and a few experiments, i’ll scan a them a little later

January 30th

sorry for the weird quality, it was just a little big for my scanner. this is the quick mash up of my silk screen design so far. I’m missing a little bit which will tie it together, but hopefully I’ll be printing by tomorrow!