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These are assignments done for my Illustration classes. Any new posts (September 2010 onwards) were done at OCAD, anything older was from Emily Carr!

24hours In Istanbul


Absolut Project

Absolut Fight & Absolut Flight

Marie Curie

Gouache and ink

Long Lost Post

Final Illustration Assignment!

These three spot Illustrations are made to Illustrate different “trouble children” for an article on how to control kids in a classroom.  They are all painted at 3×3” with Acrylic.

The “Short Fuse”
The “Dog Ate my Homework Kid”
The “Day Dreamer”

Chauncey *redux*

This is the water Colour version of Chauncey. I’m thinking I might explore other avenues (silk/acrylic) for an extended project though.

Chauncey! *learns to Knit*

my (prospective) contribution to early childhood literature!
I’m thinking I might like to get back to this character sometime In december, Watchout Kids! (colour version to follow)