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Okadoo shirt!

The OCADU Okadoo is available at the student union office today for a very limited time! Check out ‘OCAD Swag‘ on Facebook to see other artists & some of there cool designs.


Sketchbook group!

This is “recentish” work from one of my sketchbooks… I’m still drawing basically every day (almost exclusively with my pentel brushpen), and gradually i’ll be posting some more of the pages on this blog. Anyway… Join the OCADU Sketchbook Group!

Long Lost Post


This was supposed to be a gift, bahaha. Creepy pog anyone? damn.

I’m working with the same size & medium as the other spot Illustrations. About 3” all around.

Anatomy Slam

I’m a little luke warm on the “accuracy”… of these drawings but uhh… whatever POWDERED TOAST mMAAANn

I have some Pent up Ren-Stimpy I need to get out

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