24hours In Istanbul


5 responses to “24hours In Istanbul

  1. wow. i wish i could do all that in one day in istanbul at the end of april! i will make my travel-mates look at your illustration and perhaps we just might follow this route. would love to do all that, especially the belly dancing at the end. on my to-do wish list in turkey.

  2. if we do, i will let you know how it works out. did you actually factor in all the traveling time between all these places? i know im thinking pretty realistic here but i really have no idea what we are going to do in istanbul. so this is a good start for me =)
    not sure about the caviar though, haha

  3. haha, actually this was sourced from an article…so I’m not sure… I think its doable, but I personally rather spread it out over 2 days ( & sushi for breakfast= blech)

  4. i dont mind sushi for breakfast, haha, i can eat just about anything for breakfast, though my stomach would disagree.
    im gonna reply your comment on my blog here cause my blog’s comment system is a bit crap. it’s only a4, im not really drawing big at the moment. nope, havent tried lithography, could be something i will look into. im actually really fascinated with perspex and layering at the moment. and also this incredibly thin wood “paper”.

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